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Nurturing Postpartum Care for the New Mother

In the first 10 days after birth (as early as 24 hours), I will come to your house to provide postpartum care for Mama while Baby is cared for by Daddy or another caregiver.
Package includes:

• 90 Minute Full Body Massage Including Post-Birth
Abdominal Massage
• Herb Bath to Ease Soreness and Speed Recovery
• Bengkung Belly Binding (Includes the Bind - $50 Value)
• 8 Herbal Padsicles for Use in the Early Postpartum Period
• Nourishing Drink and Snacks Brought to Session
• Reflection Time to Unpack Your Birth Story
• Finish by Brushing/Braiding Hair, Tucking into Bed & Praying over You
• You will also Receive a 15% Discount off all Massages Booked Through 40 Days Postpartum!

Birth Doula Services

A doula has several jobs, which may differ from birth to birth.  Most basically, a doula is a trained labor assistant.  They are there to help in any way that the mother needs. 

A Doula Can: 
•   Provide Physical, Emotional, and Informational support to a Laboring Mother
A doula is someone that the mother can open up to emotionally without feeling judged.  They also have a great deal of knowledge about how to help ease, or work through the physical discomforts of labor.

•   Support the Birth Partner by being an experienced, trained member of the team who can give suggestions or provide insight
The doula also removes some of the responsibility that the partner may feel when left alone in a hospital room to labor.  They are able to help the partner to participate at their own comfort level.  It is always nice to have another person to lean on who has been there before. 

•   Be a Liaison between the Parents and the Care Provider
A doula is trained to know about most interventions and complications, so that if something arises, they are able to explain things to the parents in a clear and compassionate way.  A doula is also there to help uphold the wishes of the birthing mother if they differ from those of the care provider.  If something that the mother doesn't want is a medical necessity, the doula helps them to be confident in the choices that they may need to make.

•   Help with the Birth Plan
Doulas are available to help parent(s) develop their birth plan.  Your doula will meet with you before the birth to help you figure out and write down exactly what you want your birth to be like.  They will not judge you if your opinions differ from their own.  Your doula is also there to make sure that the plan is carried out as much as possible during and after the labor process.

Why Hire a Doula?
Having that extra person present at birth can be a huge help.  A doula can provide a different type of support than a partner, family member, or friend.  Your doula has their own unique set of tools that they bring to your birth stemming from training and experience.  Having a doula also ensures that a mother will not be left alone to navigate the process of laboring, and can help to ease a lot of anxiety in the mother and their partner.

There have been a number of studies done on the benefits of having someone who is trained to support the parents during labor. The conclusions of these studies have show that the support of a doula may:

•   Lead to a shorter, less painful labor 
•   Reduce the need for Pitocin by about 40%
•   Reduce the number of requests for epidurals/pain medication by about 60% 
•   Reduce the uses of forceps or vacuum extraction by about 40%
•   Reduce the likelihood of a Cesarean by about 50%
•   Increase the positive feelings toward the birth experience and the baby 
•   Help the parent(s) feel more secure, cared for, and self-confident
•   Reduce the instances of postpartum depression 


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